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it is not true that cheeses, whitewashing, we want to use nuclear weapons, we bump into america and wit. That's it, we got out of that noble buoy, we embrace a workman, a very strong man who doesn't have a penze, and we help him get a dollar and euro. Unfortunately, Europa is not a normal earthquake; Hungarian descendant, where Orban Viktor, and similar, small-style pocket thieves are missing who do not beat five, steal everything. That's why Vorld-peace, up, Tom's gaze, is the most important task of the world today. read this noble man, every piece of gold, shine -..... nord corea is a friendly country, and barati hands are the half of the underdeveloped europa who do not have nuclear weapons, 65 million homiles in europe, in nord corea 0. , even western european, billions can not shower. In non-German people, 100 euro bunteterters are drowned in wine because they don't have a penny, so far behind. we have been doing so, we have a vegre in america, and we have a bared hand in the back of europe. of course, we can't get every man out, so we've got one out of it, the worst european man, the royal, and five wanting to hurry, we also hope for america, and russian, whom Putin's president has a noble heart, is willing to do. President Putin is hard, but he is a noble, righteous man. there is no one to talk to the public before, but if we swallow Tom's rights anyway, we, either America or Russia, may not be banned from the army. of course, in the coldest case. a local, local mafia. Be on the ground and be right, and we made a positive gesture on this matter.Europa, unfortunately, today is the biggest mafia center in the world. wealthy people, get into sixths, jokes are much more active people. thousands, the fascinating attention, and we will change it. What a friend, we're gonna get to the beach, but if sadistic terrorists get drunk, we put our weapons on and we get the right people.






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